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Aspects of the look and feel of any outdoor area that are often overlooked are fencing and trellising. These should in fact form part of the hard landscaping stage of the development of any garden and should therefore also feature on garden design plans. However, regardless of whether you are having full landscaping or you simply need repair or installation of new fencing or trellising, the landscaping experts at Kingsley Tree Care & Landscaping can help you with this.

We offer a range of timber fencing with posts so that you can select the one that will best suit your taste and the type of garden or outdoor area you have. The timber used in our fencing is preheated and will therefore withstand wet and other inclement weather well. In addition, our range of timber fencing is available in a range of heights. You can have low fences where it suits or much higher ones if you wish to block a view or have more privacy.

Kingsley Tree Care & Landscaping also offers trellis which can be used in conjunction with the fencing or as a feature within the outdoor space itself. Trellis can also be used to provide privacy if climbers or creepers are grown up it. They usually form very striking, even functional, features in gardens as they can divide areas up, screen sections or simply create visual interest.

Our highly experienced landscapers will bring the fencing you selected, the necessary number of fence posts and the equipment to sink the posts and securely attach the fence panels. Our work and our team members are fully insured and we offer a warranty on our garden fencing services.



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