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While the main draw of a garden is always the fact that it offers a place to relax and be in touch with nature from the comfort of your own home, it goes without saying that a well-planned garden plays a number of practical features that can make your life easier. A perfect example of such features is the driveway.

A driveway is an element of landscaping that can entail both the installation of softscape and hardscape features. In order to make sure that your driveway plays its function (that being giving you a comfortable means of driving your home into your garage or front garden) well, it’s important to consider what type of tiles you want, how you want to incorporate walls, fences, etc. Kingsley Tree Care & Landscaping give you a lot of options in that regard. We also offer some of the best monoblock driveways available in Hampshire & Surrey.

As some of the best landscaping specialists in Hampshire & Surrey, we offer an excellent driveway service as part of our general landscaping service, so that you can both enjoy an aesthetically pleasing garden and all the practical benefits of a solid driveway.



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